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Car Boot Liners

What is a Car Boot Protector?

If you have ever transported a load of garden waste, a dog (or dogs) or any kind of dirty or muddy equipment, you know the importance of protecting your boot during these times! You might have laid a tarp down, or used a protector of some kind, but the best solution is to use a car boot protector.

Our range of quality boot liners for cars work as a barrier between your vehicle and whatever you’re transporting. They are made from durable plastic/rubber and are great for trips to the dump, trips to the park, or for camping gear and anything that is wet and/or dirty. You can rest easy when you have a load to transport that your vehicle is going to remain undamaged by what you are carting.


Why do You Need a Car Boot Liner?

If you want to protect the boot of your vehicle and to retain the value of your car, you need a car boot liner. It’s not to say that you need it in there all the time – but it certainly helps when you’re heading out off-roading or camping and need a bit more protection.

Your car is often the second biggest expense that you have in your life, after your house. Many luxury four wheel drives can be a big investment, and it makes sense to protect that investment. Rubber boot liners will help protect your car. 

The boot of your car is the place most likely to get dirty and grubby, and is the place where dogs are going to travel when you’ve got them in the car! You don’t want to run the risk of your beloved pets doing any damage to your car, so make sure you pet-proof the boot of your car with one of our rubber boot liners.


What We Stock

At Outback Equipment, we know the importance of protecting your investment with car boot liners. We provide quality car boot liners and rubber car boot protector products for your BMW, Jeep, Land Rover, Range Rover, Volvo and Volkswagen. Take a look at our range below and choose the one to suit your car.


Other Benefits of Car Boot Liners

When you make a move to invest a boot liner (and the cost is incredibly low compared to the depreciation cost of having a boot marked with stains or mud, or torn up by a pet), you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your boot is protected.

The biggest value by far comes from the resale value because you can enjoy the knowledge that your car will retain its looks and appeal. There’s nothing more off-putting than shopping for a used car and finding it dirty or damaged, so give yourself the best investment and buy a boot liner for your car.


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