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Australia is a big country, and we love to explore every inch of it in our trusty four wheel drives and touring wagons. And while we don’t leave any stone unturned in our exploration of this sunburnt country, the fact is that there are some places even petrol stations won’t go in their relentless conquering of our highways.

So when it comes to doing some serious off-roading (or even if you just like to be prepared for any eventuality), it makes sense to pack some jerry cans of fuel and water for your next trip.

Our quality metal and plastic fuel safe jerry can range will ensure that whether you’re conquering the top end on a trip to the Cape, or exploring the stunning sands of the Simpson Desert, you’ll always have a supply of petrol or diesel on hand when you need it most.

Don’t fall short – pack a diesel fuel can, or petrol can, and keep the trip going smoothly.


Our Range Of Jerry Cans

At Outback Equipment, we stock a range of quality metal and plastic jerry cans which are designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Our strong and durable jerry cans are engineered to comply with all relevant Australian standards.


Metal Jerry Cans

All of our metal jerry cans are treated with anti-corrosion treatments to ensure a long-lasting product. Our metal cans have passed all the flame, drop, stability and leak tests and are suitable for storing petrol and diesel. Our metal water jerry cans are suitable for carrying potable water, and thanks to the easily recognisable colour coding, you’re never going to mix them up.


Plastic Jerry Cans

We stock a range of plastic Fuel Safe jerry cans which come in 5L, 10L and 20L capacities, with each can coming with an easy-pour spout. The Fuel Safe plastic jerry cans are constructed from high-quality polyethene which ensures safe transportation of fuel and other kinds of flammable liquids.

In addition to the Fuel Safe jerry cans, we also have stackable petrol can fuel canisters which are good for transporting large amounts of fuel. These stackable canisters are all corrosion-proof, anti-static and UV resistant.


Jerry Can Accessories

Transport your jerry cans with ease with our range of lockable jerry can holders. These fully-adjustable jerry can holders allow for the storage of most 20L jerry cans and thanks to the lockable bar, you don’t need to move the cans in at night or when you’re parked up.


History of the Jerry Petrol Can

The jerry can (or jerrycan) as we know it today is still remarkably like the design made by Germany in the Second World War. It was originally designed for military use and was constructed to hold 20 litres of fuel – a capacity which it retains to this day.

While jerry cans were originally designed to hold fuel, their use today has diversified to include water. Depending on the colour of the jerry cans in use, you can tell what is being stored in it. As a fuel can, the jerry can is a highly useful and portable option for all kinds of applications, whether camping or four wheel driving.

The jerry can is an interesting product as it was reverse engineered (i.e. copied) from the Germans during the war, and was given its name from the slang nickname that the British and American troops had for the Germans during the war: Jerry.

The clever design is undeniable as the jerry can is still in use and is as popular as ever today. 



12mm Hose Kit suit BOAB Tanks


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3 in 1 Funnel



Cap to suit Boab Poly Tanks



Cap Vented to suit Poly Fuel Tank



Double Jerry Can Holder by Front Runner



Filler Kit to suit Diesel Tank



Filler Kit to suit Water Tank



Front Runner Pro Single Jerry Can Holder



Front Runner Vertical Jerry Can Holder



Hose Kit to suit Poly Fuel Tank



Jerry Can Flexi Pourer


SKU: 000593-A

Jerry Can Holder - Zinc Plated

$76.00 $67.99

SKU: 450-02500

Jerry Can Holder Adjustable. Jch1020d


SKU: PK40400

Jerry Can Pouring Spout



Liner suit 27 Litre Water Bladder

$11.99 $9.00


Mister Cans Jerry Can Seals - 3 Pack