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Rubber Wheel Arch Flares

If you have a four wheel drive, you know the value of top quality protective gear when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe from rocks, bumps and scratches.

Our range of rubber wheel arches works to protect your car when you’re out on the road and are also a key part of keeping your vehicle road legal if you have installed wider tyres on your car.

Wheel arch flares (also known as fender flares) are built to last. Our rubber wheel arch flares are built to withstand the most rugged and durable conditions and are designed to fit under the wheel arch when the wheel you have protrudes past your wheel guards.


Key Features of the Rubber Wheel Arch Flares

Our range of rubber flares are constructed from the very highest quality EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) which is hardwearing and used in a number of applications. When not being used in wheel arch flares, you’ll find this rubber for use in solar panel applications and washers and belts, so you know this is tough stuff.

The rubber wheel arches on offer are all pre-curved to ensure easy fitting.  

All the products that we sell at Outback Equipment are designed to last through the toughest outback conditions that you can put them through, and to prove that we stand behind our products, we offer you an industry leading five-year warranty!


Benefits of Using a Rubber Wheel Arch on Your Four Wheel Drive

Picture this. You’re driving along a rocky road and your brand new tyres are gliding over the road like it was nothing. Suddenly, you hit a rough path, and there’s some gravel flicked up. Because your wheels are wider than the outside of the car – ever so slightly – the gravel hits the side of your car and damages the paint. Bugger!

The paint chips and damage is small, but it’s there, and you’ll have to get it fixed unless you want rust to form.

The damage can be avoided when you have rubber wheel arches fitted to the side of your car – and when they’re such an easy solution, why would you delay?

Shop our range of rubber wheel arches online now and discover a formidable and quick four wheel driving safety fix for your next off-roading trip.


Why Outback Equipment?

We live and breathe the great outdoors. We love providing the best four wheel driving solutions for your vehicle. Whether you’re in the outback and looking for new rubber wheel arches for your car, or you’re in the urban jungle of our capital cities and need some accessories for the vehicle for your next off-roading adventure, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with our team of experts today for a chat about your needs. Or if you know what you want, just shop the range below.

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