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Headlight Covers for your Mazda Vehicle

Whether you find yourself cruising along unsealed roads or just taking it easy on an urban drive, you never know when a stone or a chunk of bitumen could suddenly be whipped up into your headlight. If you’d rather not deal with the frustration and cost of dealing with replacing a lens, and worse, a pricey LED bulb, then investing in a Mazda headlight protector is the way to go. As an inexpensive form of defence against flying rocks, or even random hazards in shopping centre parking lots, a headlight protector will go a long way in preventing broken headlight headaches.

Your Mazda BT-50 4WD may be a beast but it’s not as unpredictable as the rural expanse of road that lies ahead. Sometimes unkempt, usually unsealed, and always a rough ride, the gravelly highways and byways of country Australia can make for a rocky relationship.

Just as your spirit of adventure drives your need to explore these rough terrains, so too does it compel other 4x4 drivers. Upon finding yourself in a convoy of fourbies tearing up the road, you’ll no doubt experience the standard spray of pebbles peppering your bonnet and getting all up in your chassis.

But it only takes one perfectly sized rock, coming from the perfect trajectory and with the perfect force to get you swearing when it lands a perfect hit on your headlight. And when you’re standing there later, assessing the damage, still letting the steady stream of profanities fly, you’ll be wishing you had the foresight to invest in Mazda headlight protectors.


Mazda BT-50 Headlight Protectors

Avoid the mess and headache of a broken headlight by simply applying a little bit of extra protection to your 4WD. The addition of headlight protectors may seem so insignificant but can make a huge difference. A lot of car publications also recommend these accessories as a good precautionary measure for many new car owners.

Our range of headlight protectors are made by the team at Protective Plastics. They are known for their specialist knowledge in manufacturing all kinds of aftermarket protective gear for cars. Their headlight protectors are constructed from acrylic, which is characterised by its UV resistance and scratch resistance. Acrylic also has better clarity than most materials with a ninety-two percent light transmittance, which of course is ideal when covering headlights.

In our range, we have Mazda headlight protectors to suit:

Many people will question the need for headlight protectors with the full believe that their headlight lenses should be strong enough to withstand disorderly dirt and debris. Yes, it’s true that polycarbonate is stronger than acrylic, but acrylic is a whole lot cheaper and much easier to replace. At a fraction of the price of a headlight lens, a headlight protector can take a beating and won’t affect your cars roadworthiness if it is to break in the process of protecting your headlights.


Invest in a Mazda Headlight Protector

As a 4x4 driver, it’s easy to forget that a vehicle as tough as yours can still be susceptible to even minor damage. Depending on how good the rock is that could hit your headlight, this could even end up being fairly substantial damage. Replacing a cracked headlight lens is easy enough but it is still money out of your wallet. Lenses are generally made from polycarbonate plastic, which can be expensive because of its high quality and suitability for headlights.

If the lens has been smashed right through to the point that it has even broken the bulb, then that’s an extra replacement cost to consider. Halogen bulbs are fairly inexpensive to replace, but if your rig is sporting LEDs or Xenons, you’ll know the hefty cost of replacing these high performance bulbs.

On top of having to replace these bits and pieces, you could also potentially face the possibility of a fine or demerit points, if your car is caught with a broken headlight. This will be determined by the extent of the damage, but if one headlight is completely out of commission and unable to work in low visibility situations, then your vehicle may immediately be considered not roadworthy.