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Whether you’re looking to prevent cracking your headlights or breaking your headlight bulbs, or if you want to reduce the likelihood of a scratch or chip, Land Rover headlight protectors are an inexpensive investment to protect your vehicle. While Land Rovers are a tough vehicle, headlight protectors can create an extra barrier between your headlights and a wayward stone. Land Rover headlight protectors are an invaluable addition to a vehicle that are made for protection against lose stones that come with unsealed roads and tearing up the terrain.

Old-school Land Rovers were made for venturing off the beaten track and conquering gravel paths and rocky trails. Their iconic, boxy designs give them a durability like no other, but even the strongest specimens can sometimes have their weaknesses. On unsealed roads, loose stones can get whipped up by other cars driving in front. While this might have little impact on a Land Rover’s bonnet, it’s exposed headlights remain fairly unprotected against any projectiles.

Land Rover headlight protectors are an ideal addition for protecting your headlights against being cracked, smashed, chipped, or scratched. If your trusty Land Rover Defender still has its original headlights then you’ll want to take extra care of the genuine parts that have lasted for this long. Adding a barrier between your lights and the hazards of the road will prolong the life of your components and keep you driving safely and without issue.


The Cost of Replacing a Headlight

Half the appeal of the older model Land Rovers, as most dedicated owners would know, is their long-lasting robustness and off-roading capabilities. They are the ultimate leisure vehicle as they make small work of rough terrain, continuing to plough on. But sometimes an expected small rock can suddenly cause a big headache if it manages to land a hit on your Land Rover’s headlight.

Some of the older car models’ headlights, especially in the Defender range, were also made of glass making them particularly susceptible to breakages. For the most part, these headlights are probably the first components to be replaced as the vehicle ages. This usually occurs because the headlights become foggy or discoloured and less effective at lighting the way.

While the lens might just be polycarbonate plastic, the bulbs are usually upgraded to LEDs, which are more expensive than standard halogen lights but brighter and better for rural driving. As a result, many people look to Land Rover headlight protectors to safeguard their lights.


Land Rover Defender & Discovery Headlight Cover Protectors

Headlights that are damaged are not only a safety issue but can also be a legal one if your vehicle is proven to not be roadworthy as a result of your damaged headlight. A vehicle that isn’t roadworthy can quickly attract a fine as well as demerit points, immediately adding to the cost of replacing broken parts.

Prevent the headaches associated with the accidental damage of a headlight by adding a headlight protector. We currently stock Land Rover headlight protectors that suit the following models:

Our range of headlight protectors are made by the team at Protective Plastics. They’re constructed from UV resistant and scratch resistant acrylic, which is known for having a much higher impact resistance than glass, and won’t yellow over time. Acrylic also has better clarity than most materials, with a light transmittance of ninety-two percent — obviously an important feature to have when protecting headlights.