Keeping clean while camping isn’t always easy – especially if you’re staying off the beaten track. Some folks aren’t fussed about a bit of dust and dirt, but if you’d rather wash off the day before getting into your sleeping bag, a camping shower can help you stay clean and comfortable while you’re away from home.

There’s more than one way to have a shower in the scrub, so let’s take a look at the different types of portable camping showers and how to get them rigged up and ready to go.


Solar Camping Shower

Enjoy a nice warm shower courtesy of big yellow. Solar camping showers are dark-coloured camping shower bags that absorb the sun’s heat after a few hours, giving you warm water at the end of the day.

They have handy on/off taps to control waterflow, and many modern designs even have a built-in water temperature indicator to let you know when it’s time to get scrubbing. The only thing is, you’ll have to hold the small hose yourself as it doesn’t always hang at the best angle.

Solar camping showers and other camping shower bags can be hung on sturdy tree branches or a rack-mount shower arm.

If you can’t find a secluded spot to strip down, a shower tent is great for privacy.


Canvas Camp Shower

Is there anything more bush than a shower bucket for your camp? A canvas camp shower is essentially just a waterproof and leakproof canvas bucket with a shower rose at the bottom and an on/off function. These are a simple way to shower while camping as they’re easy to fold and store while not in use, and there’s really not a lot that can go wrong with the straightforward design.

Just fill it up with water from the open top and away you go. It’s easy enough to heat up some water over a camp stove or fire, too – just make sure the water isn’t too hot before you go standing under it.

Just like the solar camping shower, canvas camp showers can be hoisted into a tree or hung off a rack-mount shower arm.


Camping Showers with Hot Water

Can’t go the weekend without the comfort of a no-fuss hot shower? There are a few types of camping showers that produce their own hot water that are easy to pack and easy to use.

Electric Hot Water Shower

This type of portable camping shower is normally pretty affordable and easy to use. It can even be used to wash dishes and fill your reservoir.

Electric camping showers feature a long, flexible hose and a shower spray head much like the one you’ve got at home. They generally come with a 12V pump that you put in water and a copper heat exchanger with a bleed point.

Simply mount it inside your engine bay and get ready for a decent stream of that sweet hot water.

Gas Hot Water Shower

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than a camping hot water system. If you can’t go without the creature comforts of home, this bad boy is an easy way to take hot water with you wherever you go.

These only take a few minutes to set up and use LPG gas (like the one next to your barbie) to heat 360L of water per hour. All you need are two ‘D’ cell batteries, a 12V power source for the pump and a water source.


From pop-up shower tents to camping hot water systems, Outback Equipment has all the gear you need to clean your pits and bits when you’re on the go. Shop our showers and accessories to find your perfect camping shower.