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Holden Headlight Protectors

Invest in Holden Headlight Protectors

Avoid an annoying situation that could easily be prevented by adding a couple of Holden headlight protectors to your 4WD. Headlight protectors are especially useful on cars that tend to drive on unsealed roads. But even the standard driver will benefit from extra protection on their car to save themselves from any potential drama.

Unsealed roads and heavy-duty work sites can be very hazardous when navigating through the rocks and gravel that tend to get whipped up by other vehicles. Many Holden 4x4 drivers who go off road would be familiar with the hazards of stones and other small, hard debris that fly up and knock against their bonnet and headlights. This is why it's worth investing in a Holden Headlight protector.

However, it only takes one random rock to target your headlight at just the right angle and just the right force to make a negative impact. While a broken headlight might just be small detail on your car, it can cause big headaches if not dealt with which is why it’s worth investing in a headlight protector for your Holden Colorado or Rodeo. Better yet, preventing a broken headlight would be the smarter option, especially if taking gravelly drives is something you often find yourself doing. The easiest way to prevent any damage to your headlight is with the simple addition of headlight protectors to save yourself time, money, and trouble.


Keep your car safe and roadworthy

A cracked or broken headlight is not only a costly problem to fix but it can also be unsafe for driving at night time or in low visibility. Furthermore, a damaged headlight can immediately make your car not roadworthy, possibly attracting a fine and demerit points. This is why making an inexpensive investment in a pair of headlight protectors for your 4WD can be a wise preventative measure.

We stock a range of headlight protectors for a variety of vehicles. We offer Holden headlight protectors that will suit:

Constructed by Protective Plastics, our headlight protectors are made from acrylic, which is known for being UV stable and scratch resistant. It is also easier to shape to create a more custom fit to suit a wider range of vehicles.


Damaged headlights can be costly

Holden 4x4 drivers know they are driving a tough vehicle that can make light work of most terrain with its sturdy components, including their headlights. Most headlights are generally made of polycarbonate plastic, which is known for its durable and scratch resistant qualities. While these lenses are sufficient at copping the standard wear and tear of everyday driving, rougher terrain and unsealed roads can be a little more unpredictable. Loose rocks are easily flicked up by tyres and it only takes one to crack or break a headlight.

Even urban drivers on bitumen roads can be faced with unexpected shrapnel suddenly hurtling into their headlights. And don’t even the mention the countless close calls in shopping centre parking lots where trolleys, poles, and other cars have come dangerously close to crunching a car’s light casings.

Breaking your headlight lens is one thing, but if your light bulb is also smashed in the process, this can only create a bigger problem. Xenon bulbs and LED bulbs are particularly expensive to replace when compared to standard halogen lights. Even without a broken bulb, just a cracked casing can cause long term problems by not being waterproof. If water gets trapped after getting in through a crack, it can create mildew as well corroding the light socket and affecting the electrics. Holden headlight protectors will help protect your car from the 4x4 hazards that you encounter on a trip on the road.