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Invest in Ford Headlight Protectors

Ford Headlight protectors are an excellent investment to counter any small projectiles that may flick up and hit your headlights whilst driving. If you have the tendency to travel along unsealed roads, headlight covers can be particularly beneficial. They are a much cheaper alternative to facing the headache that a cracked or broken headlight can cause.

If you’re making the most of your Ford Ranger, then it’s probably getting a thorough workout at the worksite and on the weekends. When you’re going hard and going fast, then you’re likely to be whipping up a storm of gravel, stone, and bitumen. But if you’re in a convoy of other vehicles, you won’t be the only one tearing up chunks while making the most of the wide open road, or meandering through a construction site. This can be a hazardous expedition as errant stones can come flying at your car and chip and scratch surfaces which is why you need to invest in a great set of ford headlight protectors.

The finish on your car is generally quite hardy and can withstand the occasional upshot of wayward debris. But many people can be quite concerned when it comes to the wellbeing of their headlights. For the most part, headlights are also fairly resilient against the spray of gravel, but if a rock is big enough, this could present problems. A potentially smashed headlight can be prevented with the addition of a headlight protector, saving you money and trouble.


The Cost of a Damaged Headlight

The perks of driving a Ford Ranger means you can go most places without too much difficulty. But if driving on unsealed roads is your thing, then the benefit of having Ford headlight protectors is immediately apparent, knowing how much gravel gets thrown around. Most headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is durable and scratch-resistant. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t necessarily break if a big enough rock is to come flying by.

Not only is your lens in danger of being damaged but with enough force, the glass light bulb inside the casing could also be smashed. Depending on the light bulb, this could be a costly replacement, with Xenon and LED lights being more expensive than standard halogen lights. Even if your bulb has not been broken and only your lens is cracked, this can still lead to long term problems for your light. Water can get into the casing and end up damaging the light anyway and more extensively by corroding the socket and affecting the electrics.

If your vehicle has a broken headlight, this might make your car unsafe to drive at night or in low visibility conditions, also making it not roadworthy. Not only can this be hazardous but a broken headlight might also attract a fine and demerit points.


Headlight protectors are for everyone

Even if your Ranger rarely finds itself out in the wild, Ford headlight protectors are still a useful form of protection for the city and the suburbs. Most people will have had run-ins and close calls with shopping trolleys, poles, and even other drivers. So having that little extra barrier between a hazard and your headlights can be helpful. A headlight protector is an inexpensive solution for reducing the potential of cracking or breaking your headlights.

At Outback Equipment, we have a range of headlight protectors that will suit a variety of 4WD models. Our Ford headlight protectors suit the following Ranger series:

Our 4x4 headlight protectors are constructed by the team at Protective Plastics, which specialises in the manufacturing of aftermarket acrylic headlight covers, bonnet protectors, dust deflectors, and weathershields. Acrylic is a popular material for windows and covers because of its UV stability and scratch resistance. It is also easily heat formed to shape to suit a range of vehicles.

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Headlight Protector To Suit Ford Courier 06/1985-04/1996

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Headlight Protector To Suit Ford Falcon EL 1996-1998