Dual Battery Tray


Requirements of a Dual Battery System

If you enjoy camping and four wheel driving, you really need to have a dual battery tray. Dual battery trays can help your run your electrical camping appliances and other essential items such as a portable fridge! If you want to keep your fridge running even while the vehicle is parked, you need to make sure that you have a lot of extra battery power that’ll keep your fridge going.

That said, while it’s nice to have a fridge to keep your drinks cool, some people also need adequate power to keep equipment powered and to ensure that radios are operational even when parked up.

So if you’re someone who needs extra power, a dual battery tray system is a must. Some cars are fitted with a space for a dual battery under the bonnet – depending on how you’re going to use it and what kind of flexibility you need with your car.

Other vehicles need a dual battery tray to support the batteries and to ensure they’re secure. But no matter what you do, the second battery needs to be wired in and installed in the engine bay, the passenger compartment or the loading area so that it can be isolated and doesn’t flatten your starter battery!

Apart from having a durable dual battery tray to support your batteries, you need to ensure that the spot you’ve chosen for your batteries can take the weight.

You also need to make sure that the second (accessory) battery that you have chosen can be charged by the vehicle when you’re driving along (or when the engine is running). That way, you will ensure that your battery is charged up and ready to go when you get to a new campsite or job.


Installing a Second Battery

When you make a move to install a second battery, you need to ensure that you have the extra hardware. That’s where our dual battery trays come into their own! To carry 15kg or more of battery in an off-road situation requires a heavy-duty tray – and that’s what we provide.

Our Tuff Terrain dual battery trays are designed to fit a range of popular four wheel drives and are tough and durable which means they’ll last.

You need to fit the dual battery tray in a place that is strong enough to support the load, and you need to make sure that the batteries are positioned in a place that doesn’t get hot. Batteries are not very well paired with heat, and you need to make sure that your battery is installed as far away from the hot side of the engine as possible, or away from the exhaust.

You also need to make sure that the tools you use to attach the dual battery tray are strong enough and sufficient to carry your batteries. Check the location of your dual battery tray out thoroughly and ensure that you have a strong enough support section. 


Keep Them Charged

It’s easy to keep your batteries charged up when you are on the road, but make sure you have a system in place to keep your batteries firing when you are parked or not running the car for a while. Starting the engine for a period of time, going for a short drive, or using a solar panel can all be options to ensure that your battery keeps performing as it should.

Take a look at our range of dual battery tray options and choose the one that suits your vehicle. All of our trays are made in Australia from plated steel and are designed to last. 

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Adjustable Battery Hold Down Clamp



Battery Hold Down Bolts

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Battery Hold Down Clamp

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Battery Tray to Suit 10/2011 Mazda BT50 (No tub liner)

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Battery Tray to Suit Holden Rodeo 3ltr VCDI (2003 - 2008)

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Battery Tray to Suit Isuzu D-Max Diesel 2012-2020

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Battery Tray to Suit Nissan GU Patrol TB45E - 4.5ltr Petrol

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Battery Tray to Suit Nissan GU Patrol TB45E - 4.8ltr Petrol