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Getting out in the caravan or RV is right up there on our list of the most enjoyable things to do on the weekend or holidays. And when you’re heading out on the road, you want to set off with the peace of mind knowing that your batteries are charged up right and you will be fine for the trip away.

We stock a range of caravan battery charger options that work in diverse conditions to deliver the best charging results. Many of our chargers operate intelligently - smart chargers, if you will - and control the charging process to ensure that the charging rate optimises the battery life and function.

When you need to recover, charge and maintain your battery, you can rely on a caravan battery charger from Outback Equipment. 


How Battery Chargers Work

Many people misunderstand how battery chargers work, which can result in their batteries dying before their time! We want all of your caravan batteries to enjoy long and efficient lives, and so we have included this handy guide about charging batteries for your reference.

Batteries are charged when a device applies a voltage to them that is higher than the existing voltage of the battery. The greater the difference between the battery and the charger’s voltage, the greater the current that will flow into the battery, and the faster it’ll charge. Because of this, the charging voltage has to be monitored and controlled - if a battery charges too quickly, it’ll damage or wreck it. 

Low-cost and older battery chargers work by generating a charge of around 14.2 Volts to charge lead acid and AGM type batteries. As the battery charges up, the voltage of the battery slowly rises up to meet the voltage of the charger. As this happens though, the difference between the battery and the charger reduces, and the charging happens slower and slower.

This method of charging a battery is largely limited, and if you attempt to charge your caravan battery with a low-cost or older battery charger, you may find that it takes days and days to achieve the right charge level. You may not ever reach full charge!


Caravan Battery Charger Levels

It’s important that you keep the battery on your caravan or RV as close to 100% as possible. The life of your battery may be reduced if you keep it below 100%. As a result, if you’re not going to be using your caravan or RV every month or so, it’s important to keep your battery on float charge to ensure a long life for your battery.

If you have a Deep Cycle Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, you will know that they are the ultimate in deep cycle performance! They keep between 50 – 60% of their charge for over a year and many AGM makers will recommend that you don’t leave them on float charge because they are sensitive to overcharging.


How to Choose Your Battery Charger

You want to pick the right kind of caravan battery charger for your needs, and it’s important to note that a good quality smart charger is going to charge up your battery faster and deeper than a cheaper one - but it depends on your budget and your needs.

Smart chargers are compatible with flooded, AGM deep cycle and gel batteries, and many of the 12V battery chargers that we offer also come with protectant features which prolong the life of your battery.

If you don’t buy a smart charger, you need to know what the voltage is for your battery and set the charger accordingly. 



7 Stage Smart Battery Charger MCU 12V 12.0amp

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SKU: PC800

Automatic 12V 8amp 6 Stage Battery Charger

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Automatic 12v 900ma 2 Stage Battery Charger



Battery Charger Mcu 12V 8.0Amp



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Battery Link Battery Charger 8000ma



Battery Link Dc-Dc Charger Solar Compatible


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Battery Link Smart Charger 10000ma



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