Car Battery Charger

Benefits of a Portable Car Battery Charger

When you have a battery charger in your garage, you will be able to charge up a flat or ailing battery in a short period. It allows you to:

  • Extend the life of your battery
  • Restore the performance of your battery
  • Maintain any warranty that may be on your battery
  • Minimise the chances of breaking down or being caught short

We understand the importance of a functioning battery, and we are proud to provide a quality range of battery chargers that do the job efficiently and safely.

When it comes to managing the life of your car battery, you can’t go past owning a car battery charger. In fact, every self-respecting outdoorsman or woman who enjoys getting out on the road or heading off camping for the weekend can’t live without a portable car battery charger. With one, you’re no longer at the mercy of an interior light left on overnight, or a battery that is suddenly flat for some other reason. A battery charger saves you a call to the auto club and puts the power squarely back into your hands.

These days, after all, driving around the block a couple of times isn’t enough to charge your battery up again. The rise of modern technology means that car batteries need a reliable charger to do the job. At Outback Equipment, we stock a comprehensive range of smart chargers for a range of voltages and battery options. Take a look at our selection and discover the difference that a battery charger can make to the life and performance of your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions about our chargers, and we’ve answered a few of the most common ones here for you.


Will driving my car around the block charge my flat battery?

You won’t fully recharge your battery by simply going for a drive or idling your vehicle for a while. In fact, this kind of ‘surface’ charging or continued undercharging of your battery can actually serve to lower the capacity of your battery over time. You may also void the warranty that you have on your battery. The only way that you can actually charge up your battery correctly and safely is with a multi-stage charger which does the job properly.


If I garage my car or don’t drive it very often, will the battery die?

Eventually, yes. Batteries have a natural self-discharge system, and over time the battery will go flat. If you want to avoid this happening, consider investing in a maintenance charger to keep your battery going.


Does a flat battery impact on my fuel economy?

Yes, it does. When your battery is flat, your car’s alternator has to try to recharge the battery, and the added strain which is placed on the engine uses up fuel.


My battery says it should last for three years - is this true?

It depends. Batteries disintegrate over time, due to the acid in the battery causing the components to decay. How long your battery lasts is going to depend on a range of factors including the installation of the battery, the climate in which the battery is used (hot climates = faster disintegration), how often you use your car or vehicle, and how you maintain the battery. If you use a battery charger, you’ll find that your battery will last longer.


Can I use my car battery for my boat?

No, not unless you want to risk a flat battery on the ocean. Marine batteries are specifically designed to handle the watery conditions under which they’re used, and they have a semi-deep cycle which allows boats to run accessories and essential safety features. It’s vital that you use a marine battery for your boat. 



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