Car Accessories

Car Accessories

Prep your car for its next adventure with our tough and outback-proof range of car accessories. We stock the stuff that your car will need on its trip off the beaten track. From air horns for cars to sonic animal guards, we can help keep your car cosy off-road.

Check out the full range below and order your car accessories today.


A Wide Range of Car Accessories

For seasoned off-roaders and novice travellers alike, we’ve got all the car accessories you’ll need.

Sonic Animal Guards

Out on open roads, it’s far too common for kangaroos to meet a sad ending in front of a vehicle. That’s where sonic animal guards can come in handy. Once you’re going faster than 50km/h, the air flowing through the units emit a high frequency sound that animals hate. The sound can be heard by wild animals from up to 2km away and greatly reduces the risk of a collision.

Air Horns for Cars

Whether you’re simply looking to scare away wild animals or you use your car as the siren for the local footy game, one of our 12V air horns for cars is the perfect solution. They’re easy to install, easy to use, and built to last. Even the electric air compressor has been engineered to last off-road.

Car Horns

If you’re replacing a car horn, you’ll no doubt want something tough and durable – something you won’t be replacing again for many, many years. That’s exactly the type of car horn Outback Equipment offers. The tough steel construction helps them work reliably in any weather, and the heavy-duty mounting will keep them safe and secure for a long time to come.

Bug Mesh for Cars

Sadly, it’s usually only after you’ve driven through a bug-infested outback road that you realise how valuable bug meshes for cars really are. Thousands of bugs in a grille can severely limit the airflow to your engine – and in warm conditions, that’s a very serious threat. And don’t even get us started on how hard bugs are to clean out. Apparently rogue country bugs are 90% glue and 10% guts.

Don’t risk your next trip becoming a full grille clean-out. Plan ahead with one of our bug meshes.


Why Buy Your Car Accessories from Outback Equipment?

All the Best Brands

Every brand on our website has been carefully planned and tested to offer you quality, reliability and durability in the outdoors. If it’s cheap and nasty, you won’t find it on our website.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re just a bunch of locals based in the south of Brisbane. When we’re not in our shopfront, we’re out exploring this great nation.

Car Accessories Delivered to Your Door

The only travel you do should be into the outdoors, not picking up gear. If you’re not local to us in Brisbane, we can handle the delivery for you.

Plenty of Payment Options

We support all the main ways to pay online. With Outback Equipment, you can pay for your car accessories via:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Car Accessories Today

Get your car ready for your next trip with our heavy-duty car accessories. Order your air horns, car horns, bug mesh and more from the range below.


SKU: 000625-A

12v Mini Fan Heater

$315.00 $275.00

SKU: 450-06090

Aeroplus Caravan Wind Deflector



Animal Repeller



Animal Repeller Sonic - Chrome



Battery Link 12v Twin Air Horns 20amp



Battery Link Battery Car Horn Chrome


SKU: 305GT

Battery Link Electric Car Horn Chrome



Battery Link Triple Air Horns 20amp



Battery Link Twin Electromagnetic Horns


SKU: BP7841

Cargo Mate Mesh Bug Screen

$108.90 $87.99

SKU: 400-01102

Pole Carrier (S) 2000mmx100mm C/W Pair Of Mounting Brackets

$22.95 $15.99

SKU: 400-01120

Pole Carrier End Cap

$14.30 $12.99

SKU: 400-01132

Pole Carrier End Pin Assembly 100mm

$14.85 $12.99

SKU: 400-01130

Pole Carrier End Pin Assembly 150mm

$25.52 $15.99

SKU: 400-01140

Single Bracket Only T/S Pole Carrier-Each 100mm


SKU: RG9267

Tow Bar Lock - to suit Hayman Reese Pin 5/8''