Caravan & RV Toilets & Showers

When you hit the open road, it’s easy to miss those little luxuries. Whether it’s a nice warm shower to clear away the salt and sand, or even just a pleasant and comfy toilet, it’s hard to find great facilities in the Aussie outback. Even in proper caravan parks, you’re hardly going to find a bathroom facility you’ll be wanting to spend more time in.

For the best caravan toilet systems and shower units, check out the range on the Outback Equipment website.


Caravan Toilets

We’ve got a wealth of options for when nature calls. From the value-for-money options to the state-of-the-art loos, you can always find the right caravan toilet systems on the Outback Equipment range.

Cassette Toilets

Cassette toilets are the smooth and simple alternative to the old black water toilets. You use the toilet as you normally would, but when the time comes to dump out the goodies, it gets a whole lot simpler.

Thanks to the removable ‘suitcase’ element, you don’t need to go trekking around for a proper dump station. You can simply take the cassette to a dump station or bathroom (or behind the biggest tree you can find if you’re out in the middle of nowhere), and dump it quickly.

If your caravan supports a cassette toilet, you’ll find some beauties in our caravan toilet range.

Electric Toilets

With an electric toilet, the game changes entirely. No more waste tanks, no more water supply, no carrying your waste to a dump site. The pump recycles the water and filters out the bad stuff, so you can dump it through the value under the vehicle.

No matter what toilet your caravan takes, you can find a beauty in the Outback Equipment range.


Caravan Showers

There’s nothing better than a good ol’ tidy-up in the messiest parts of the world. So to help make it easier, we’ve dug up some of the best caravan shower units going.

Showermiser Mixer

If you’ve had a cold, damp day out in the mud, there’s nothing better than a warm shower. But usually, the cold water that runs through as you turn on the tap is immediately lost to your grey water reserves. That’s where the Showermiser Mixer caravan shower comes in. This little champion recycles the cold water straight back into your clean water reserves, so not a drop goes to waste until the hot water is ready. Then with the flick of a switch, your shower will start with nice, warm water.

Hand-Held Showers

This isn’t the most high-tech solution to showering. But at the same time, getting into the outback means having the authentic experience – and that means hand-held showers. With a wall mount and on/off switch on the handle and hose, what more could you need?


Don’t settle for a caravan trip without the basic luxuries. Grab your caravan toilet and shower units from the Outback Equipment website today.

$120.00 $115.99

SKU: 006004-A

Art 33 Single Lever Mixer Chrome With Standard A Handle


SKU: 044188-A

Aurora Hand Shower - Watermarked for RV Use


SKU: T31135_001941-A

Bravura Toilet High


SKU: 850-02510

Camco RV & Marine Toilet Tissue 4 Pack

$93.19 $72.99

SKU: 800-06040

Camco Shower Head Kit Chrome


SKU: 042936-A

Camec Portable Toilet Carry Bag 10L


SKU: 042937-A

Camec Portable Toilet Carry Bag 20L


SKU: 042502-A

Camec Portable Toilet Freshwater Cap


SKU: 042500-A

Camec Portable Toilet Seat & Lid


SKU: 042501-A

Camec Portable Toilet Slide Valve


SKU: 042503-A

Camec Portable Toilet Waste Cap


SKU: 041678-A

Camec Shower Wall Mixer


SKU: 042505-A

Camec Toilet Clip

$1,455.00 $1,399.99

SKU: 001969-A

Electra Magic 24 Volt Toilet


SKU: 002009-A

Electra Magic Slide Valve ABS Repair Kit

$17.95 $14.50

SKU: 042689-A

Elemonate Grey Water Lemon Deodoriser

$49.94 $39.99

SKU: 800-06030

Eutopia Hand Held Shower Kit

$158.00 $149.99

SKU: 850-00500

Fiamma Bi-pot 34