Stabilisers, Levellers & Legs

Stabilisers, Levellers & Legs

Caravanning the great outdoors means travelling along all sorts of roads and campsites. So when it’s time to stop and take in the view, you’re likely to find you’ve parked on an uneven surface.

To help keep your caravan or trailer standing strong and straight, Outback Equipment has a huge range of caravan stabilisers, levellers and legs. These premium aftermarket parts and accessories are expertly designed to level your motorhome and make sure it doesn’t budge.


All the Top Parts for Your Trailer or Caravan Chassis

Caravans and trailers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we stock a massive range of the best parts, ensuring you can find the stabilisers, levellers or legs you need for your particular vehicle. And we only source from trusted brands we know.

Caravan Stabilisers

When you’ve pulled up to your campsite, keep your caravan or trailer stable with our range of tough stabilisers. Easy to set up – you just need to jack up your caravan to the height you need, then set up the stabilisers to the required height underneath. And if you’ve parked on a muddy or sandy surface – which the best Aussie camping areas have – our different types of anti-sink pads can work perfectly to give your stabilisers or awning arms better grounding.

Caravan Levelling Ramps and Chocks

There’s nothing worse than a runaway trailer or a slanted bed. So keep your motorhome or trailer locked and level in any environment with Outback Equipment’s caravan levelling ramps and chocks. Getting level is also vital for the easy running of your fridge, stovetop and bathroom. And you can check your exact angle with our different types of bubble and electronic level indicators.

Caravan Chassis Legs

Doing a similar job to stabilisers, our range of caravan legs are designed to attach to your caravan chassis. With adjustable stabiliser legs on the corners of your motorhome, you can set up camp quickly and securely.




Chock 'n Lock Dual Axle Wheel Chock

On Sale

$101.98 $79.50


Explore Caravan 2 Piece Levelling Ramps + Wheel Chocks

$84.99 $62.80


Explore Caravan Levelling Ramps


SKU: 040652-A

Wheel Level And Chock Camec Colour Teal


SKU: 450-06002

Kojack 4t Jack Kit Higher Extension


SKU: 033562-A

Stabilzer Jack Pads 4 Pack


SKU: 040981_450-00085

Trail-A-Mate Mark Ii Hydraulic Jack Only


SKU: 006486_450-00120

Alko Big Foot Caravan Jack Steady "Foot" Set Of 4


SKU: 450-00102

Coast Jack Pads (80mm)



Explore Caravan Levelling Ramps + Wheel Chocks + Bag



Explore Levelling Ramp - 3 Step (Pair) with Chocks


SKU: 036711-A

Fiamma Level Bag - Black



Outback Explorer Tee Level


SKU: 040653-A

Wheel Chock Colour Teal - Pair


SKU: RG9474

2 Piece Wheel Chock Set


SKU: 450-05302

Alko 500mm Corner Steady Hex Drive Bolt On


SKU: 450-05350

Alko 500mm Corner Steady W/Wheel-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 006476_450-05300

Alko 500mm Corner Steady-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 450-05400

Alko 590mm Drop Down Corner Steady W/Bigfoot


SKU: 006477_450-05310

Alko 600mm Corner Steady-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 006482_450-05322

Alko 700mm Corner Hex Drive Bolt On


SKU: 006478_450-05320

Alko 700mm Corner Steady-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 450-05450

Alko 740mm Drop Down Corner Steady W/Bigfoot


SKU: 450-00121

Alko Single Foot Piece T/S Big Foot Jack Steady