Caravan Covers

Adco Crvcac18 Caravan Cover 16-18'
16% OFF RRP $424.50
Adco Crvcac22 Caravan Cover 20-22'
14% OFF RRP $461.95
Adco Crvcac24 Caravan Cover 22-24'
14% OFF RRP $483.45
Camec Caravan Cover C18ccv Fits Caravan 16'-18' 4.8m-5.4m
24% OFF RRP $309.00
Adco Caravan Cover 18-20'

Adco Caravan Cover 18-20'


16% OFF RRP $445.40
Adco Crvcac16 Caravan Cover 14-16'
13% OFF RRP $397.60
Adco Crvcac26 Caravan Cover 24-26'
16% OFF RRP $515.65
Camec Caravan Cover C16ccv Fits Caravan 14'-16' 4.3m-4.8m
30% OFF RRP $289.00
Camec Caravan Cover C20ccv Fits Caravan 18'-20' 5.4m-6.0m
22% OFF RRP $319.00
Camec Caravan Cover C22ccv Fits Caravan 20'-22' 6.0m-6.6m
25% OFF RRP $339.00
Camec Caravan Cover C24ccv Fits Caravan 22'-24' 6.6m-7.3m
25% OFF RRP $359.00
Prestige Caravan Cover  4.3m To 4.8m - 14ft - 16ft
10% OFF RRP $349.99
Prestige Caravan Cover  4.8m To 5.4m - 16ft - 18ft
11% OFF RRP $369.99
Prestige Caravan Cover  5.4m To 6.0m - 18ft - 20ft
10% OFF RRP $389.99
Prestige Caravan Cover  6.0m To 6.6m - 20ft - 22ft
8% OFF RRP $399.99
Prestige Caravan Cover  6.6m To 7.3m - 22ft- 24ft
7% OFF RRP $419.99
Prestige Caravan Cover  7.3m To 7.9m - 24ft - 26ft
7% OFF RRP $429.99

For caravanning enthusiasts, owning an RV or caravan is the pinnacle of outdoor adventuring.

There are so many perks to caravanning. You can pack everything you want into the ‘van and then turn the key – and off you go, ready to explore a new destination.

You enjoy the wonderful feeling of sleeping in a proper bed – even in the middle of the outback – and you can sit around the table with the kids and enjoy a proper cooked meal from your kitchen.

There’s none of the fussing around and ‘have we got all the tent pegs’ malarkey that comes with camping, and while we still love getting the tent out for a hiking trip, there’s nothing quite like a caravan holiday!

You want to make sure that your caravan is well looked after with a camper trailer travel cover because to keep on enjoying it, it must be in good condition. Plus, you may have made a sizable investment with your caravan and want to make sure that you aren’t devaluing your caravan due to weathering or other damage.


The Perfect Caravan Cover

Our range of Adco, Camec, Prestige and Elements covers for camper trailers and caravans do the job of protecting your vehicle against harsh weather and sun exposure.

Shop our camper trailer covers for sale today.


Adco Caravan Trailer Covers

We’re huge fans of the Adco camper trailer covers as a top-quality investment for your caravan. The Adco camper covers are a great choice – with a range of cover options including Adco trailers as well.

Some of the key benefits of buying Adco caravan covers include:

  • High-performance polypropylene side panels
  • Breathable
  • UV stable – blocks 99.8% of sun’s rays
  • Extra reinforcement on top and bottom of all four corners to reduce wear
  • Straps and buckles to secure in winds
  • Storage bad
  • Air vents to prevent mould and mildew


Camec Caravan Trailer Covers

For exceptional protection against rain, pollutants, sap, bird droppings, dust and weather, you need to choose Camec caravan trailer covers. Manufactured using a composite of three materials, you can be assured of a lightweight and quality product. Camec covers come with a range of benefits including:

  • 100% waterproof in the roof
  • UV stabilised
  • Double stitched and reinforced in the corners
  • Water resistant, soft, breathable panels


Why Choose Us?

When you’re looking for new Adco caravan covers or shopping around for another brand, our range of caravan trailer covers for sale will be sure to provide what you’re looking for.

We’re a proudly Australian owned and operated company with a focus on providing you with the best quality service and ongoing support. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by giving us a call on 1300 854 185 or speak to us online.

You can shop the entire range of caravan covers (including pop-tops and trailers) here, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we can help.