Storage & Tie Downs

Tidy up your caravan and prepare for your next big trip with Outback Equipment’s range of caravan storage. We only source parts and accessories we trust will survive the test of time and the test of the Outback. Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a year-long road trip, you can rely on these accessories to get you by.


The Best Caravan Storage

Our team is committed to getting the right storage solution you need for your caravan. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can. Let our experts know and we’ll be happy to help you.

Cable, Hose and Pole Carriers

Nothing’s worse than losing an awning pole when you’re on the track. Well, maybe there is: having to untangle a hose on a hot day. Avoid unhappy moments with our wide range of hard and soft carriers. Cable and hose carriers are designed to make storing simple, keeping anything wrapped up tightly and protected from the sun and harsh weather. Our aluminium pole carriers hold all your tent and awning poles in one efficient spot. They’re safe enough to store inside your vehicle and tough enough for your roof.

Anchor Tracks and Straps

The more storage you have, the more you need to keep it secure. From anchor straps you can fit to your caravan to durable straps, our huge range of storage accessories offers a solution for your specific needs. Quickly fasten objects on your caravan’s roof with a cambuckle strap. Or if you need a tighter hold, ratchet straps let you effortlessly secure heavy or wide objects.

Jerry Can Holders

We all know the value of space in caravans and off-road vehicles – and no one wants to swap out legroom for a space to pop a jerry can. Thankfully, there’s a handy product to help. Jerry can holders can be attached to exterior brackets, giving you the ability to store them outside. They’re tough and secure, keeping the can safe on smooth and bumpy roads.


Why buy your caravan storage from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

From essential caravan parts to all the nitty-gritty accessories, we strive to source the stock you need. That makes our range your go-to place for preparing for your next trips – saving you time online and on the road.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We know Australia. We’ve lived here and been travelling it for generations. So, we also know that only the highest quality products survive long travels. We operate Outback Equipment with that in mind, giving you peace of mind you’re driving with the best.

Caravan Storage Delivered to Your Door

Let your car and caravan rest before your big trip. Once you’ve ordered online, we deliver our caravan storage range and other products directly to your door.

Plenty of Payment Options

Don’t want to pay fully now? No worries. We’ve partnered with different payment providers we trust to give you flexibility around how you pay. Within our secure online checkout system, you can pay with:

  • PayPal
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Order Caravan Storage to Suit Your Vehicle Today

Keep chaos out of your caravan with the range of efficient storage parts and accessories from Outback Equipment. Get to know our wide range of products online today!

$93.50 $84.99

SKU: 67X04

Anchor Track | 2M


SKU: 67X01

Anchor Track | Eyelets

$49.99 $29.99


Cargo Mate Anchor Tracks - 300mm


SKU: CM6312

Cargo Mate Continuous Ratchet Strap - 540kg

$69.99 $41.99


Cargo Mate Tie Down Anchor Tracks - 600mm

$18.43 $17.99

SKU: 400-01510

Coast Cable Carrier H15mmxw113mm.

$20.69 $17.99

SKU: 400-01520

Coast Drink Water Hose Carrier H20mmxw280mm.


SKU: 005313_400-00710

Flat-Out Bare Compact-Reel Only. C1

$68.95 $42.99

SKU: 400-00700

Flat-Out Bare Multi-Reel Only. M1


SKU: 000593-A

Jerry Can Holder - Zinc Plated

$330.00 $299.00


Pole Carrier 1580mm Anodised

$310.00 $289.99


Pole Carrier 1580mm Black

$360.00 $319.99


Pole Carrier 1830mm Anodised

$335.00 $305.99


Pole Carrier 1830mm Black

$370.00 $339.99


Pole Carrier 2080mm Anodised

$360.00 $329.99


Pole Carrier 2080mm Black

$349.99 $319.99


Pole Carrier Double Door 1580mm Black Powder Coated

$349.99 $319.99


Pole Carrier Double Door 1580mm Silver Anodized

$369.99 $339.99


Pole Carrier Double Door 1830mm Black Powder Coated

$369.99 $319.99


Pole Carrier Double Door 1830mm Silver Anodized

$389.99 $359.99


Pole Carrier Double Door 2080mm Black Powder Coated

$389.99 $359.99


Pole Carrier Double Door 2080mm Silver Anodized