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Camper & Caravan Privacy Screens

Whether you’re travelling around the outback or heading out to the beach for a caravanning weekend away, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and have sufficient privacy for your holiday or adventure to be enjoyable.

If you’ve ever wished for more shade or greater cover from the elements, a camper privacy screen from Outback Equipment is a great way to achieve this.

Caravanning is a wonderful way to be able to explore and make the most of the great outdoors – and it’s the perfect way to go bush with the family.

Taking care of your privacy with our wide range of caravan privacy screens is the perfect way to be able to relax and enjoy yourself.


Benefits of Camper & Caravan Privacy Screens

When you have a caravan, you have a ready-made home to sleep and live in as you explore a new place. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to roll up to the campground and not have to set up a tent, right?

While a caravan is undeniably a mini-home, you want your caravan to afford you the same levels of privacy that your actual home affords you. 

You have a range of options to achieve greater privacy, with one of the most popular ways being to buy a privacy screen for your caravan.

Our range of privacy screens works such that they attach to your caravan and offer you an increased range of sun protection, weather protection and, of course, privacy.


Why You Should Choose Outback Equipment

We are outback enthusiasts who understand the importance of quality products and having the right gear for the job. Our company was started by a few mates who have a shared passion for four-wheel-driving and all things outdoor. We believe in providing quality service to all our customers and don’t believe in gimmicky products or flashy fads. We only provide honest advice and good old fashioned customer service.

We’re proud to provide a range of products that we would use ourselves and we curate our range based on products that are built to withstand the harshest Aussie conditions. We provide brands like TMAX, Mean Mother, Narva, Blink, Tuff Terrain and TRED – and all of these products are backed by nationwide warranties.


Whether you’re a rookie just starting out with your caravanning and need a new camper privacy screen for your setup, or if you have your weekend trips away down-pat and just want a new screen for your family – we can help.

We are Australian owned and operated and are proud to offer you our services from our Brisbane warehouse. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about our caravan privacy screens, please give us a call on 1300 854 185.


SKU: 200-09202_2PACK

2 X Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Pop-Top


SKU: 043480-A

Camec Privacy Screen 2.8x1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043481-A

Camec Privacy Screen 3.1x1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043482-A

Camec Privacy Screen 3.4 X 1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043483-A

Camec Privacy Screen 3.7 X 1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043484-A

Camec Privacy Screen 4.0 X 1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043485-A

Camec Privacy Screen 4.3 X 1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043486-A

Camec Privacy Screen 4.6x1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 043487-A

Camec Privacy Screen 4.9x1.8m Double Rope Track


SKU: 200-09300

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W2220mm X H2050mm

$88.50 $86.99

SKU: 200-09302

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W2780mm X H2050mm


SKU: 200-09304

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W3060mm X H2050mm


SKU: 200-09306

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W3380mm X H2050mm

$94.36 $82.99

SKU: 200-09212

Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Full Van.

$84.09 $81.99

SKU: 200-09202

Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Pop-Top

$104.00 $91.50

SKU: 200-09022

Coast V2 Sunscreen W3415mmxh1800mm - Suits 12' Cf Awning.

$111.41 $93.49

SKU: 200-09032

Coast V2 Sunscreen W3720mmxh1800mm - Suits 13' Cf Awning.

$121.18 $102.49

SKU: 200-09042

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4025mmxh1800mm - Suits 14' Cf Awning.

$129.20 $105.99

SKU: 200-09052

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4330mmxh1800mm - Suits 15' Cf Awning.

$136.28 $109.99

SKU: 200-09062

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4635mmxh1800mm - Suits 16' Cf Awning.

$143.37 $115.99

SKU: 200-09072

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4940mmxh1800mm - Suits 17' Cf Awning.