Annex Matting & Flooring

Camec Annex Matting 3.0m X 2.5m Grey
14% OFF RRP $85.95
Camec Annex Matting 4.5m X 2.5m Grey
10% OFF RRP $105.00
Camec Annex Matting 5.0m X 2.5m Grey
9% OFF RRP $125.00
Camec Annex Matting 6.0m X 2.5m Grey
11% OFF RRP $145.00
Camec Annex Matting 7.0m X 2.5m Grey
7% OFF RRP $165.00
Enduromat Black Annex Matting 4m X 2.45m.
14% OFF RRP $227.89
Enduromat Black Annex Matting 5m X 2.45m.
19% OFF RRP $284.86
Enduromat Black Annex Matting 7m X 2.45m.
22% OFF RRP $398.82

Caravan Annex Flooring

When you’re going camping or caravanning, you want to make things as comfortable as possible for your family and friends with annex matting.

An accessory that you can bring along to add an extra layer of safety, comfort and protection is annex matting and caravan annex flooring.

When you invest in some of our UV-stable annex matting, you can be guaranteed of a durable and enduring product that will make your campsite comfortable. You can roll out a layer of our multi-purpose annex matting and enjoy your campsite barefoot without worrying about dirtying up the inside of your caravan or tent.

About our Annex Matting

This caravan annex flooring is ideal for making your campsite a whole lot homelier, and with a range of annex floor matting to choose from in a variety of thicknesses, colours and textures, you’ll easily find the perfect one for you.

Our waterproof matting range is lightweight, easy to clean and non-slip which means you’ll be safe as you move around your campsite.

Our annex flooring and annex matting is durable and folds up into its own carry bag which means you can keep it safe and protected from damage when you’re transporting it.

The caravan annex floor matting is the perfect annex floor matting for your next caravan trip.

Why Outback Equipment?

When you buy from us here at Outback Equipment, you are investing in a quality product that is designed to last. We started this company to provide our customers with some of the real warmth and friendliness of good old customer service online.

We believe in the products that we sell. Everything that we stock in our store has been designed to withstand the harshest of Aussie extreme conditions, and we don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t personally use in our own camping and 4WD adventures!

With our range of annex matting and caravan annex floor matting, we are looking to provide you with enough choice so that you can find the exact flooring product for you. There are plenty of occasions when a nice piece of annex matting has saved us from having to walk around on stony ground or prickles.

Annex matting is a useful thing to have with you as part of your caravanning and outdoor arsenal. Why not look at the range of annex matting that we have online and speak to us today about how we can find the perfect annex floor matting for you?

We would love to help you find the best annex flooring or caravan annex matting for your next camping trip and suggest that you browse our range online to find the best option for you.