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4x4 and Hatchback Car Covers

Looking after your car is important! We know this. That’s why we stock a range of quality car covers that are designed to protect your pride and joy. From the perfect 4X4 car cover through to hatchback car covers, we’ve got you, well… covered!

Select the perfect car cover using our guide below.


Guide to Choosing Car Covers

We stock a range of car covers each geared for your vehicle – whether you need hatchback covers, 4X4 covers or something else entirely.

Step One – Choose your size

Choosing a car cover is a pretty straightforward process. First of all, you need to choose the size of car you have:

Step Two – Choose your vehicle

After you know what size car covers you’ll need, you can narrow it down by choosing the kind of vehicle you have:

Step Three – Choose your protection

After you have selected the size and type you’ll need, you merely need to choose the right level of protection for your car.

It doesn’t matter if you park your car on the street or in a carport – or even in an enclosed garage – we have an option for you. The range of covers we stock will protect your car from the elements.


Benefits of Car Covers

Cars are expensive. Next to your home, your car may be the second-largest expense that you have in your life. And when something costs some (or a lot of) money, you want to ensure that it holds its value.

You might want a car cover because you have your car parked on the street. Or you might have your car garaged, but you want to offer that little bit of extra protection against dust and other deteriorating factors. Many people who own classic or valuable cars take the logical extra step of covering their car to protect their investment.

No matter why you want a car cover, when you invest in one, you are going to enjoy the following benefits:


Protection against damage from the elements

No matter what kinds of weather are common in your local area, all are damaging to your car eventually. If you cop a lot of rain, battle the harsh sun or have wind and debris pummelling your car – they’re all damaging to the exterior, and you’ll have to deal with the fallout of deteriorating paint. For just the cost of a car cover, you can take care of this!


Protection from animal droppings and other debris

In Australia, we have a range of native animals who love flying around and seemingly aiming for our cars. Bat droppings, bird droppings and any other kind of debris can all cause serious damage to the surface of your car. Protect your car with car covers and enjoy greater peace of mind.


Retain the value of your car

When you buy a car cover for your vehicle, you are getting the fantastic benefit of keeping your car in good condition for longer. That means the paint will be in better condition, the body of your car will be undamaged by dust and other debris, and you may even stave off rust thanks to the moisture protection offered by car covers.


Shop our range of car covers below and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protecting one of your most valuable assets. 



Car Cover Prestige W/Proof Wagon



Car Cover W/Tec Ultra Large



Car Cover W/Tec Ultra Wagon

$89.99 $62.99


Car Cover Weathertec Ultra 4x4 Large

$79.99 $57.99


Car Cover Weathertec Ultra 4x4 Small

$99.99 $82.99


Car Cover Weathertec Ultra 4x4 XL



Elements Indoor Car Cover New Ford Mustang



Car Cover Prestige 4x4 W/Proof Extra Large



Car Cover Prestige 4x4 W/Proof Large



Car Cover Prestige 4x4 W/Proof Small



Car Cover Prestige Hatch Back Medium



Car Cover Prestige Waterproof Sm/Med



Prestige Car Cover Hatch Back Small