Camping Tarp

Heavy Duty Camping Tarps

When you think about camping gear, your mind will invariably wander to things like your tent, your air mattresses and your sleeping bag. But there is another piece of kit that is vital for your camping experience, and that is pivotal to your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Without this, you have nowhere to shelter when the heat of the day is too much, and nowhere to sit and play cards on the days when it just won’t stop raining. We’re talking of course about a tarpaulin, and a camping tarp is just the thing you need to amp your camping experience up to the next level.

Whether you are after heavy duty tarps for your next outdoor experience or are looking for trailer tarps to lug a load of garden waste to the refuse centre, you’ll find it here.


Tarp for Family Camping

When you’re heading out camping with the family, you want to know that the tarp you have brought along with you is going to hold up to the pressures of wind and rain. There’s nothing worse than lying in your tent at night as the wind howls by and being kept awake by the paralysing fear that your tarp set up may rip loose.

You need to trust in the camping gear that you have, and a key way to do this is to invest in heavy duty tarps for your camping set up. A heavy duty tarp is stronger than a standard tarp in that they are usually bonded stronger and have stronger loops and rings so that the ropes won’t rip through them.

While a non-heavy duty tarp is going to be lighter, you need to be aware that it’s not going to be as durable.

A poly tarp is a tarpaulin that has been coated using a polyethene resin. They are treated with UV protection as well and usually come with a rope reinforcement around the perimeter.


How to Set Up Your Camping Tarp

When you are setting up a camping tarp, you need to ensure a few key things to make sure that your tarp will provide the protection you want it to.

  1. Lay out your tarp where you want it to be set up. If you have trees or other supporting things, make sure your ropes are going to reach them.
  2. Attach your guy ropes to the poles at each of the corners of your tarp.
  3. From each of the corners of your tarp, go out diagonally around a metre to a metre-and-a-half and hammer in two tent pegs from each end of your guy rope at around a 30-degree angle. Don’t hammer them all the way in yet, though.
  4. Put the pointed end of your tent pole through the ring or hole in your tarp and adjust the pole up to the height you want it to go.
  5. Adjust the guy ropes to suit the height of your tarp and go around adjusting each of the corners as you need to.
  6. Adjust the tent pegs to ensure they’re the right distance if necessary.
  7. Once you have the four corners in, you can do the rest of the tent poles in the tarp with single ropes.
  8. You need to ensure that your tarp has sufficient corner height for rain and dew run off – preferably downhill from your campsite


Trailer Tarps

We also sell tarps that are suitable for securing a load in a trailer. You need to ensure that whenever you are carting goods in your trailer that they aren’t going to blow away, so be sure to take a look at our range below. For a lightweight tarp that will do the job, we’ve got you covered.