Beach Shade Tent 

Outback Equipment offer quality beach shade tents and best of all we ship to anywhere within Australia.

If the sun, sand, and surf are calling it’s time to drive to the nearest beach equipped with a beach shelter tent. A beach shade tent is the best way to guarantee a day of comfort and coolness and a UV Protection Beach Tent will protect you from the harsh summer heat.

Travel light and keep the beach umbrella and fold out chairs at home. All you need is a UV protection beach shelter tent to keep you and your mates safe from the harsh Australian sun. Just remember the towels and sunscreen and you’ll be set for a great day out!


Beach Shelter Tents to Beat Australia’s Summer Heat

There’s nothing worse than getting to the beach, realising you’ve underestimated the intensity of the Australian sun, and not having the right gear. Not only is the sun burning away overhead, but it’s heating up the glaringly white sand and blinding you as its reflection bounces off the water and into your eyes.

Now you can outshine the sun with our bright portable beach tent range all the while keeping your belongings free of sand and out of the blistering heat. Besides a healthy lathering of sunscreen, a beach sun tent will also serve as an added barrier in your defence against sunburn.

A UV tent for beach trips will help in keeping sunburn at bay especially when you’re prone to having a bit of a snooze at the beach. Long naps, even under an umbrella, can be risky business as the sun moves throughout the day. Before long you might find yourself exposed and roasting away. On the other hand, a UV protection beach tent, for the most part, will keep you shielded whilst you slumber.

Not only does the enclosed protection of your beach shelter make for a more enjoyable nap, but it will also keep sand from blowing into your lunch. There is nothing worse than copping a mouth full of gritty granules when the wind picks up and that’s when having the barrier of a beach shelter is a good idea.

Free yourself of all the annoyances that come with a trip to the beach with the convenient comfort of a UV beach tent and really relax.


Not Just for the Beach

A portable beach tent should not be limited simply to beach outings. Take it on all of your outdoor adventures for that little added touch of comfort when shade is scarce. Picnics, music festivals, or even just taking the kids for a day out at the park are activities that are made vastly better with the shelter of a beach sun tent.

Because a UV protection beach tent does not have the same kind of heavy duty construction as a normal camping tent, they are less cumbersome to transport. Our portable beach tents are compact and effortless to set up and ideal for those easy-going activities like relaxing on the sand.

Their simple designs feature open fronts for unobstructed views of your surrounds while providing substantial shade. For something that offers a little more protection and privacy there is even the option of a zip up door with flyscreen.


Towels? Check. Snacks? Check. UV Tent for the Beach?...

A beach shade tent will become an absolute necessity when packing for a day of relaxing in the sun. Our beach tents are even great for casual camping trips when all you need is a simple form of shelter that will get the job done.

Don’t let sunburn and sandy food get in the way of an enjoyable day. Get out and about then into the shady comfort of your UV beach tent and stay protected.





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Beach Tent Uv Protected


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