Inflatable Camping Mattress

Inflatable Camping Air Mattresses

Whether camping or hiking, you want to enjoy at least a comparable level of comfort to the kind that you experience at home. After a long day out exploring the bush or the beach, you want to crawl into your tent at night and be greeted with a soft and comfortable bed.

In the past, camping was approached with some trepidation by people as they faced an uncomfortable night’s sleep, and some people are now afraid of camping because they think they won’t get a good night’s sleep.

But thanks to advances in technology and the mattresses we use, it’s now completely possible to sleep soundly on an inflatable mattress. Our range of self-inflating air mattresses are so quick and easy to set up and promise a comfortable night’s sleep no matter where you are.

We stock a range of camping air mattresses that are designed to be portable, accessible and easy to inflate and use. Discover a whole new way of camping with the inflatable mattresses from Outback Equipment.


How to Choose an Inflatable Mattress

What you need your inflatable mattresses for will depend on what size and type to choose. If you are a hiker, you need to think about the lightest mat for your pack. You want a very lightweight mat that is going to allow you to sleep soundly wherever you are. Campers, on the other hand, don’t need to conserve weight so much, and so can choose a more comfortable camping air mattress.


How do Self-Inflating Air Mattresses Work?

Your self-inflatable air mattress consists of a layer of foam inside an airtight shell with a valve. When the mattress is rolled up, the valve is closed. When you want to use your mattress, you open the valve and the foam expands, sucking air into the mat. Once your mattress is fully expanded, you can close the valve, and the mat is ready for use. You don’t need to add any air to these mats at all; they are self-sufficient.


What Should I Look for in an Inflatable Mattress?

Make sure you consider the length of the mat. You want it to be long enough to have your legs on it. You want to have your legs and feet insulated as well as your body. Also, ensure that it’s wide enough to allow you to roll over in the night.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Air Mattress

When we say air mattress, we are talking about the traditional mattress where you inflate it and it’s pure air inside. These mattresses are terrible if you are camping in the cold or even in an area where it gets cool at night. And here’s why:

The amount of air in the mattress cannot be warmed by your body alone, and that plus the cold coming from the ground and seeping into the mattress means you’re sleeping on a bed of icy cold air.


A bonded self-inflating air mattress is the perfect way to stay warm because you have less space to contend with and your body can warm the foam up. You’re guaranteed a warm and cosy night’s sleep when you have a bonded foam inflatable mattress.

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Oztrail Leisure Lite Mat 1100

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Oztrail Leisure Lite Mat 900

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Oztrail Leisure Mat Double Self-Inflating Mattress

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Oztrail Leisure Mat King Single Self-Inflating Mattress

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Oztrail Leisure Mat Queen Self-Inflating Mattress

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Oztrail Majesty Air Mattress With Pump Double

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Oztrail Majesty Air Mattress With Pump King Single

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Oztrail Velour Air Mattress Single Height Queen 23cm

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Oztrail Velour Air Mattress Single Height Single 23cm


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Self Inflating Pillow

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Oztrail Comfort Bonded Mat 1100

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