Camping Accessories

Just as a craftsman is only as good as his tools, a camper is only as good as their accessories. No, we’re not talking flashy earrings – we’re talking those absolute lifesavers you take with you on your adventures out bush.

While some of them may be literal lifesavers, a lot of them are just there to bring a bit of comfort to your home away from home. The tent peg puller that makes life a little easier, the collapsible kettle that makes your water a little less suss, and the fridge to keep your beers ice-cold. There are endless camping accessories on offer at Outback Equipment to take your camping experience to the next level.

Whether you’re in need of decent lighting for your camping setup, or you’re hunting for a reliable axe to cut firewood, we’ve got all the handy extras you need right here.

From furniture and fridges to rope, tools, and everything in between, you’re sure to find what you need at Outback Equipment.

Camping Lights

What good is a solid camping setup if you can’t even see it? Keep your surroundings lit up well into the night with our range of camping lights. Our lighting range includes everything you need to stay illuminated. Some of our products include:

  • Head torches
  • Strip lights
  • Lanterns
  • Handheld spotlights
  • Light bars.

So whether you’re lighting up the car or boat or you just don’t want to get lost on the way back from the loo at night, our camping lights have you covered.

Camping Tools

From digging the perfect DIY toilet to digging your 4WD out of a muddy situation, our camping shovels and other tools can cop it all. Some of the tools in our range include:

  • Axes and machetes
  • Knives
  • Multi-tools
  • Shovels and picks.

Our camping tools make light work of your tasks out in the scrub, so you spend less time chopping and digging and more time kicking back under the stars.

We also have camping tools to make your cooking and cleaning easier, such as tableware, water cans, and laundry tubs.

Camping Furniture

What’s a campout without a good sit? Here at Outback Equipment, we get that sitting is more than just a way to rest; it’s a bloody good pastime, and it’s best enjoyed in the fresh air – preferably with a cup holder.

That’s why we offer a wide range of camping furniture to keep you comfortable when you’re out in the bush. From director’s chairs to recliners and inflatable air sofas, we’ve got plenty of options for your sitting pleasure.

The range also includes annex awning sets and foldout tables.



1200mm Dual Colour Flexible LED Strip Light Kit

$49.95 $27.99


1200mm Flexible Amber LED Strip Light



1200mm Flexible white LED Strip Light Kit



12mm Hose Kit suit BOAB Tanks


SKU: 000625-A

12v Mini Fan Heater



4 Piece Tool Kit by Front Runner

$39.95 $19.95


600mm Flexible Amber LED Strip Light

$39.95 $19.95


600mm Flexible White LED Strip Light


SKU: ROM2645

7 in 1 Multi-Tool


SKU: 300-01112

Camco Expandable Water Carrier. 51084

$36.34 $25.99

SKU: 300-01114

Camco Folding Shovel

$13.20 $9.99

SKU: 300-01100

Camco Lantern Hanger. 51054


SKU: 300-01110

Camco Laundry Reel. 51065/Old51064


SKU: 300-01104

Camco Multi Functional Tool. 51080

$37.63 $27.99

SKU: 300-00100

Camco Rv Collapsible Bucket 11l Capacity.42993


SKU: 300-01124

Camco Tablecloth


SKU: 300-01122

Camco Tent Peg Puller. 51058


SKU: 300-01120

Camco Tent Pegs 9" (230mm, Set Of 6)



Camping Basics Bundle



Cap to suit Boab Poly Tanks


SKU: 300-00106

Coast Collapsible Bucket

$76.53 $66.99

SKU: 500-01252

Coast LED Awning Light Pure White 40cm 12vdc 5000k


SKU: 300-06001

Coast Steel Portable 400mm Fire Pit & Ember Tray Kit

$52.99 $45.99

SKU: COMP40134

Companion Aerobreeze 17cm Lithium Fan

$94.99 $69.80

SKU: 10000073

Companion Aerobreeze 25cm Lithium Fan

$109.99 $79.80

SKU: 10000074

Companion Aerobreeze 30cm Lithium Fan


SKU: COMP20234

Companion Kids LED Head Lamp - Crocodile


SKU: 533045

Companion Kids LED Head Lamp - Dog


SKU: COMP20212

Companion Kids LED Head Lamp - Koala

$189.99 $139.99


Companion Portable LP Large Camp Heater