VuPlex is the ultimate in vehicle plastic cleaning, offering an easy and effective way to clean, protect, and polish all clear and coloured plastics. Conventional plastic cleaning products have proven less effective and/or difficult to use. Alternatively other products may contain chemicals or abrasives that can damage the surface of plastics. VuPlex on the other hand effortlessly removes stains and creates a micro-layer of protectant that seals the porous surface of plastics. This makes it resistant to scratches and yellowing as well as making existing scratches less visible. The residual film repels water, while the anti-static properties help repel dust and abrasive materials. VuPlex is the cleaner to use when you want a shiny, lustrous finish that will leave your vehicle plastics looking like new.

Outback Equipment stocks VuPlex in various sizes; it’s ideal for general use, car windscreens, motorcycles, aircraft, marine craft, and plastic windows.


SKU: 600-05400

Vuplex Plastic Cleaner 200grams. 200vu


SKU: 600-05410

Vuplex Plastic Cleaner 375grams. 375vu