Orcon Tools

Orcon Tools is one of the many popular names to stem from the group at Haigh known for their family of automotive accessory and tool brands. Orcon specialises in a range of general tools, jacks, stands, and electric devices to properly kit out your workshop. Vehicle maintenance is easy and convenient with Orcon’s range of tools and accessories. The range includes everything from axle stands, body repair, caulking guns, circuit testers, hydraulic jacks, oil filter tools, siphons and pumps, soldering, spark plug tools, tools kits, and wheel braces. When your toolbox is kitted up with Orcon tools, you’ll have some of the best equipment directly at your disposal.

Outback Equipment stocks Orcon Precision Tools for vehicle purposes.


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11 Piece Puller - Steering Wheel



Orcon Tow Ball Spanner