Lion, “The King of Batteries”, is a proudly Australian, family owned business that offers a complete range of quality battery products for all automotive, marine, agriculture, motorcycle, deep cycle, traction, standby, solar, and specialty purposes. Founded in the late 1930’s as a small battery factory in Burwood, Sydney, Lion supplied hard rubber cased batteries to the fledgling Australian automotive market. During the 1970s, Lion eventually took a major step forward and formed an alliance with Korean-based Global & Yuasa battery factory. This has helped them to further grow by enabling them to supply and market premium quality batteries across Australia and cement their reputation as a highly regarded and prominent brand amongst national trade, wholesale, and retail markets.

Outback Equipment stocks Lion AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries, ideal for their deep cycle capability and heavy demand applications, as well as faster recharge across a range of specific applications.


SKU: 500-00792

Lion 12V 120Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery