Bestway was established in 1994 and has devoted its efforts to strengthening research, design, development, and the manufacturing of high quality and innovative outdoor leisure products. Bestway has an extensive range including inflatable stand up paddleboards, above ground pools, portable spas, flocked and fabric airbeds, as well as sport and leisure boats. Bestway has a deep knowledge of manufacturing paired with unceasing research and development. Their product development team is in tune to the changing needs of consumers in order to offer more innovative and convenient ways of enjoying the outdoors.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Bestway tents and sleeping bags and beds ideal for individuals and families who want to get away and enjoy the best of the outdoors.


SKU: BEST-67068

2 Man Dome Tent


SKU: BEST-67434N

2-In-1 Fold 'N Rest Camping Bed


SKU: BEST-67416

3 Person Tent


SKU: best-67171

4 Person Large Tent



4-In-1 Fold 'N Rest Camping Bed


SKU: best-67278

Beach Tent Uv Protected


SKU: BEST-67415

Beach Tent Uv Protected With Door


SKU: best-67069

Comfort Quest Large Sleeping Bag