We love the look of the Tuff Terrain stainless steel snorkel so much that we decided to fit one to a Ford Ranger and really put it to the test. The kit came with a fold out template and protective tape to ensure that anyone with the right tools would be able to fit it themselves. The install only took about an hour, and we were stoked with the results. Not only can it take on some of the much deeper and gnarlier water crossings Australia has to offer. But the larger diameter intake of the snorkel noticeably increased the engine performance, we were able to take on tougher and more extreme tracks.  

Crafted from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, Tuff Terrain Stainless Snorkels are a great addition to any vehicle. Available in brushed stainless or powder coated black, it’s easy to select a finish to complement the look of your Ranger. Its elevated position allows for cleaner, cooler and dust-free air intake to the engine. This massive boost in performance saw this vehicle through some of the toughest water crossings in Cape York.   

You’ll notice on a lot of the older 4x4 vehicles, the factory snorkel is prone to brittleness and sun damage, leaving a weathered look after a while, due to the harsh Australian sun. The best thing about a stainless-steel snorkel is that you’ll never have to worry about its durability when it comes to being exposed to the elements. Rain, hail or shine, this product will look brand new even after many years of 4x4 adventures. The appearance of the Tuff Terrain stainless steel snorkels on any Ford Ranger looks stylish and sturdy for as long as it’s fitted to your vehicle. 

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