It’s often a hassle trying to figure out how much your caravan weighs. Weight plays a big part of any road trip, as National Parks and Caravan Parks have a weight check point and are a much more common occurrence in Australia than you might think. So, how do you weigh something as big as a bus? The home scales won’t exactly cut it. We’ve decided to review a product that truly makes the process quick and easy for caravan owners. Weighing your motorhome or caravan doesn’t have to be a pain, with a set of Riech caravan weight control scales, you can avoid being fined or having to dump hundreds of litres of water just to keep your journey going. To avoid this, we put the Reich caravan weight scales to the test. 

We found that the Riech Caravan Weight Control scale provides you with an accurate weight by measuring individual tires, one by one. Simply drive over the Reich caravan weight scales with each tire and it will calculate the entire mass for you. For those of us that can’t be bothered adding up the numbers, with a final click of button, you can see the combined weight of not only the total, but each side of the RV. This helps pin point where weight may be unevenly distributed, which can cause unnecessary wear and tear or erratic driving. The Riech Caravan Weight scales can be used on any vehicle even motorbikes! We highly recommended anyone driving a delivery vehicle, motorhome, caravan or trailer to check out this incredibly easy product. We tested this on a hard even ground and got the best results. We even drove our vehicle to a weigh bridge just to see how accurate the Reich caravan weight scales were and just as we suspected, it was within 50kg of being bang on.

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