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Tyre Pressure Gauges & Monitors

If you’re someone that drives across roads, sand, and dirt, you know how important it is to have the right tyre pressure. To make sure you’ve always got it bang-on, you’ll need a sneaky tyre pressure gauge or monitor in your kit.

A tyre at the wrong pressure can cost you more than you’d think. Too little air on a hard surface, and not only will you be wasting fuel, but you’ll wear down your tyres down like old rags. And if they’re a bit uneven, you can even risk overloading or straining the axel itself, throwing your wheel alignment out the window.

But then again, too much air on the wrong surface, and you’ll sink like steel in a spa bath. On loose surfaces like dirt or sand, creating greater surface area between your wheels and the ground can keep you on top, and keep you moving.

Tyre Pressure Gauges

For a simple solution to checking your pressure, a tyre pressure gauge is your best bet. These handy little kits can help to not only give you the exact pressure in the blink of an eye, but help with tyre deflation. Not the sort that you get when you run over a nail – the sort that can help you easily bring the pressure down to exactly where you need it.

Particularly if you’re about to get off the tarmac and onto sand or dirt, you’ll need to let that air down. Either that, or expect to go down yourself. But Outback Equipment’s tyre pressure gauges can also offer hands-free deflation system, so you can ensure you stop the deflation at the perfect pressure.

And to keep it all together, the gauge comes with all the right bits and pieces in a smooth ol’ pouch. So when the time comes to let those tyres down, you’ll be ready to go.

Tyre Pressure Monitors

Are you the sort that wants rolling updates of your tyre pressures and temperatures? And you’re not all that keen on constantly stopping and checking them manually? You’ll need a tyre pressure monitor.

These things are incredible. You secure the sensors onto each tyre, and you’ll get a live update of all 4 wheels’ pressures on the LCD monitor. You simply replace the valve cap with the wireless sensor included in the kit, and ensure it’s locked in place. After a couple of minutes of rolling, you’ll have live pressure and temperature changes sent straight to the screen in the cabin with you. Not even James Bond got live updates of his tyre pressures and temperatures!

To ice the cake, not even your bumpiest roads are going to mess with these things. They’ve been designed for the sort of driving you’re about to embark on, and you can rest easy knowing your tyre pressure monitors, tyres, wheels, and car are all getting home safely.

Check out the full range of tyre pressure gauges and monitors in the Outback Equipment range.



Tuff Terrain Brass Air Deflator

$69.95 $59.99


Mean Mother 2-in-1 Deflator and Gauge Kit

$46.99 $24.99


Air Compressor Bypass Controller

$299.00 $274.99


4X4 Offroad Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor

$36.99 $25.99


Dr Air 4x4 Tyre Gauge

$49.99 $27.99


Replacement Air Hose to suit AC240/AC402/AC475



3-Way Valve Adapter For Trucks


SKU: TD-1000A-X4

4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor

$299.00 $274.99

SKU: TD-1300A-X4

4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor (0 To 60 Psi)

$389.00 $349.99

SKU: TD-1300A-X5

5 Wheel Inc Spare Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit (0 To 80 Psi)

$328.90 $319.99

SKU: 1010A

Air Kit | 1 Gallon

$495.00 $480.00

SKU: 1050A

Air Kit | 5 Gallon

$192.50 $189.99

SKU: 1048

Air Tank | 1 Gallon | 3 Port

$319.00 $310.00


Air Tank | 5 Gallon | 7 Port

$99.00 $81.99


Axis Solar Power Monitor

$69.99 $49.99

SKU: TDR04013

Digital Tyre Deflator



Digital Tyre Gauge

$139.00 $125.10


DIY Tyre Pressure Monitor System

$59.00 $51.99


Drivetech 4x4 Handheld Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

$35.00 $27.99


Drivetech 4x4 Tyre Deflator



Drivetech 4x4 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System



Exitrax Tyre Deflator

$55.00 $42.99

SKU: J101

External Tyre Pressure Monitor System Sensor 0-87 Psi