Dash Mats

Dash Mats

If you’ve got a dash, that champ needs a mat. They’re not just the old rags you remember Nanna had in her old Pulsar. Nope, dash mats actually have more benefits than you might think.

First off, a good dash mat will keep even the boldest outback glare out of your eyes. But think about your poor car – it cops plenty more sun than you do on the road. And over time, that sun is going to burrow into your dash like a 5,000°C wombat.

After all, not a lot of car manufacturers have a shop set up in the Aussie outback. And the sun we get is a fair bit spicier than what they get in the northern hemisphere. A proper dash mat can cut the heat that hits your car, and save your air conditioner from working harder than a roo on a trampoline.

And it’s not just the sun that wants to tear up your car – it’s just about everything! All the dirt and dust that gets in, or those cheeky takeaway wrappers you chuck up there – they’re all just waiting for the day they can carve their mark into your dash.

All it takes is a crisply cut dash mat, and all those problems are gone.


Finding the Right Dash Mat

There’s no point in just slapping a dash mat in. A dash mat is like a well-cut suit: you put on somebody else’s and you’ll look a proper spanner. That’s why we’ve got a range of dash mats to make any tailor jealous.

You can find the exact dash that suits your car, to ensure there are no sneaky gaps for glare, dirt and dust to cause some damage.


4x4 Dash Mats for All Makes

We’d honestly be better off handing you a list of makes and models that we can’t cater for. But to breeze through it a little, we’ve got you covered for:


  • Ford
  • Holden
  • Isuzu
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • LandRover
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen


From there, you can almost pick whatever model you can think of – and there’ll be a dash mat to suit. And that’s not just cars in production now – that goes right back to ‘70s models!

Unless you reckon the cows are moments away from coming home, what are you waiting for? Check out the range of dash mats below, and give your beast the protection it deserves.


SKU: G1201-3_G1206-3

Dashmat For Holden Utility - Hj/Hx/Hz/Wb 10/1974-12/1984


SKU: G4506_G4501

Dashmat For Greatwall Sa220 - K2 07/2009-06/2017


SKU: G9A01_G9A06

Dashmat For Holden Commodore - Vk 03/1984-03/1986


SKU: G5501-1_G5506-1

Dashmat For Holden Hsv - Vy/Vz 10/2002-08/2007


SKU: G6101_G6106

Dashmat For Holden Monaro - Cv8 07/2005-12/2005


SKU: G2506_G2501

Dashmat For Holden Rodeo - Tf 08/1988-12/1996


SKU: B2906_B2901

Dashmat For Mercedes Benz Vito - Viano 07/2005-2017


SKU: M8206_M8201

Dashmat For Mitsubishi Challenger - PC 08/2013-12/2015


SKU: D8506_D8501

Dashmat For Nissan Navara - NP300 03/2015-2017


SKU: D7806_D7801

Dashmat For Nissan Pulsar - B17/C12 11/2012-2017


SKU: S3406_S3401

Dashmat For Suzuki APV - Van 07/2005-2017


SKU: T7406_T7401

Dashmat For Toyota Prado - 120r Series 02/2003-09/2009


SKU: N406_N401

Dashmat For Chery J11 - T1x 03/2011-06/2017


SKU: N506_N501

Dashmat For Chery J3 - Mx1 09/2011-06/2017